Washable from Clothes?!

We get a lot of questions from customers if our Holi Coloured Powder is fully washable from clothes and hair. We can assure you that we are always working on making our colours as bright as possible, while not making it harder to wash out. We´re doing quite a good job. Our team has always been able to fully remove all stains by washing our clothes once or twice. However, there is no guarantee that clothes will come out of the laundry completely unstained. Especially with light colours and heavy  materials, a very slight haze of colour may remain, but this is not very likely. We do however, advice you not to wear your best and prettiest clothes to any holi coloured powder events!

The risk of permanent stains is the greatest when the clothes the powder attaches to is wet. This is because cornstarch is a natural binding agent like maizena. Should you want to test our Coloured Powder, feel free to contact us and we will send you a free sample!

Health and Safety

One of the main concerns our customers have with regards to using the Holi Colour Powder, is whether it is bad for their health. We get asked a lot of questions about this, and there is a fairly straightforward answer. Our powder is not harmful for your health or the environment. The ingredients we use in our Holi Colour Powder are strictly in line with international and European guidelines.

The basic ingredient of the powder is corn flour. All the colours that are added to this cornstarch to create the wonderful colours are all fully certified E-numbers (E102, E122, E124 and E133). For the smell of the holi powder, there is added essence of lavender, lavender oil, tea plants, sage, dill weed and rosemary oil. Also, there are no heavy metals present in our powder! The product is fully biodegradable!

Should you have any further questions regarding health and safety issues, feel free to contact us at any time! Buy your holi colour powder now at https://www.holicolourpowder.co.uk/product-category/products/