Sub Holi – APNA Holi Festival

Subh Holi everybody! Holi Colour Powder and had an amazing time celebrating the APNA Holi Festival in Rotterdam. Over 5000 Hindustani people gathered in the Zuiderpark in Rotterdam in Holland to celebrate Holi Phagwa together. The ancient Holi celebration, called Holi-Phagwa, Phagwa, Phagawa or Phaguaa is a Hindustani party, which is celebrated anually around March. The underlying thought of Holi-Phagwa describes that good will overcome evil, and is celebrated together with the New Years party. On the 6th of March the Holi Colour Powder team travelled to Rotterdam to bring colour to the spring celebration Holi-Phagwa. Everyone was fully covered in beautiful colours and HoliColourPowder contributed with our powerful powder cannons to create 8 colour explosions! Check our Facebook to see all the photo’s of the Holi-party!