Coloured Powder in hitsingle “Right Here”, by Emma Horan!

The very talented 17 year old Emma Horan used our Coloured Powder in her new hitsingle “Right Here”. The upcoming Irish singer/songwriter released this video together with her first single! We love the video and can’t stop dancing to this song, that perfectly matches the happy summer vibes of our Coloured Powder!  If you’re planning a video or fotoshoot, Coloured Powder is an awesome tool to create that ‘ wow’ effect!

You can download & listen to “Right Here”  on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and loads more! Make sure you add it to all your summer party playlists!!! Have fun watching the video down below!

RainbowRun040 Eindhoven

On June 2oth Eindhoven coloured up for the second held RainbowRun040. Not only was this event happy, cool and colourful, the run is set up to raise money for the Dutch ALS foundation. Over 4500 people went through the 5k parkour running, hiking or even by wheelchair to fundraise an astronomic amount of 110.000 euro’s to fight ALS. We, as HoliColourPowder, were very proud to contribute to this event and to donate part of the profits to the organisation, encouraging the research on ALS. We hope to sponsor and help organize this event for the coming years together with RainbowRun040. It is amazing to see so many happy people from all ages running and partying together. This is why we love our job and products! Organising an event or run? Don’t hesitate to call or email us! Here are some shots of the event, made by Bluetribe and Motionvictim! Looking forward to  RainbowRun040 2016!


Red Bull Holi Powder in the snow!

Although the winter is almost over and the ski season is nearly finished. There are still some nice places in Europe where there is plenty of snow. Although it is hard to believe, skiing can be even more fun when used in combination with Holi Powder. Red Bull made a really cool video of quadruple ski world champion Marcel Hirscher. Hirscher skied down the course through poles filled with Holi Colour Powder, and the result was stunning. The video shows the beautiful effect Holi Powder has on the white slopes, making snow even more fun than it already is! However, don’t forget: “Don’t eat the yellow snow”. Buy you Holi Powder now and enjoy the last month of snow in the mountains! Here is the cool Red Bull video:


Sub Holi – APNA Holi Festival

Subh Holi everybody! Holi Colour Powder and had an amazing time celebrating the APNA Holi Festival in Rotterdam. Over 5000 Hindustani people gathered in the Zuiderpark in Rotterdam in Holland to celebrate Holi Phagwa together. The ancient Holi celebration, called Holi-Phagwa, Phagwa, Phagawa or Phaguaa is a Hindustani party, which is celebrated anually around March. The underlying thought of Holi-Phagwa describes that good will overcome evil, and is celebrated together with the New Years party. On the 6th of March the Holi Colour Powder team travelled to Rotterdam to bring colour to the spring celebration Holi-Phagwa. Everyone was fully covered in beautiful colours and HoliColourPowder contributed with our powerful powder cannons to create 8 colour explosions! Check our Facebook to see all the photo’s of the Holi-party!



HoliColourPowder in Dutch Newspaper was covered on the entrepreneurial page of one of the largest newspapers of Holland: De Telegraaf. Telegraaf
The title of the article confirms what we already new: Coloured Powder survives the hype! We are really proud to be featured in the papers! HoliColourPowder is now available in the UK and buckle up, because upcoming spring and summer will be full of colours again. So if you are organizing a party, event or other colourful happing, contact us or order your powder now! We offer worldwide shipping and have tons of plans for the future: hopefully opening shop in other countries around Europe! The high quality standard we strive for, combined with the personal and great service we offer, makes us unique! Colour up your life!


HoliColourPowder now available in the UK

HoliColourPowder is now available in the UK, and ready for worldwide shipping. After succesfully conquering the Dutch market with, we decided to expand our colouring experience and product knowledge overseas. The Holi Gulal Powder is imported from India and 100% biodegradable .  We offer the best quality powder in 10 beautiful colours. Are you organ

sprayising a colour run, party or event, creating a stunning video or photoshoot, or simply looking for a cool marketing tool, HoliColourPowder is the product you are looking for.

We have tons of experience in colour events and colour runs: helping to organise and having provided Holi Colour Powder for the succesful ALS Rainbowrun (5000 visitors) and Holi Fusion Festival (5000 visitors). Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Or our contact our partner Germany / Spain / Italy / France / UK / NL

Buy the bags, shooters,  bulk or powdersprays in our webshop! Have fun and colour up you life!


Introducing Food Colouring

Holi Colour Powder is introducing Food Colouring! Besides colouring up the world with our happy Holi Powder, we now bring you food colouring. Bake red pancakes, blue patatoes or pink cake! Order your colours now and brighten up your food!

What is food colouring?
Technically, a color additive is any dye, pigment or substance that can impart color when added or applied to a food, drug, cosmetic or to the human body.

Certifiable color additives are manmade, with each batch being tested by manufacturer, EU and FDA. This “approval” process, known as color additive certification, assures the safety, quality, consistency and strength of the color additive prior to its use in foods.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for regulating all color additives used in the United States. All color additives permitted for use in foods are classified as certifiable or exempt from certification. Not only the FDA certified our food coloring but it’s also certified by the EU. It meets all the guidelines and is certified by the European Union.

What to use food colouring for?

It’s used for commercial food production and in domestic cooking. Pigments dissolve in water and can be bought as powders, liquid, granulate or any other special forms. They can be used in beverages, dry mixes, baked goods, confections, dairy products, pet foods and a variety of other products.

Have fun and order now!

Holi Colour Powder CO2 Shooters

In our Holi Colour Powder product line you will also find our custom made CO2 shooters. These shooters use compressed air to launch the powder up into the air, creating an amazing effect! Our experience gained in The Netherlands, via our Dutch Colour Powder website, has shown us that these C02 shooters create a wonderful effect for making beautiful pictures as well!

With the airing of Holland’s Next Top Model episode, in which a photoshoot was done with purple Colour Powder, a large amount of Dutch amateur and professional photographers have approached us if we could supply them with Holi Colour Powder, and asked if we could advice them on the best way to create a beautiful photo with the powder. Our CO2 shooters have proven to be the perfect solution! If you want to see our shooters in action, please take a look at an article by Marije Weterings, one of our previous photographer-customers. You can view this page via  Photofacts.

Are you a photographer, and are you exited about using our Holi Colour Powder with one of your models, than you can buy them online here at . To get the correct lighting on your photos, we always advise that you throw some powder out of your hand first. Please let us know if you want to use the CO2 shooters in a photoshoot, and we will send you a complimentary bag of Colour Powder so you can try it out to create the perfect picture!


ALS Colour Run

In June 2014, The Dutch Colour Powder team ( had the immense pleasure and honor to work with the ALS foundation to create an absolutely wonderful event. Over 5000 boys, girls, students, adults and even seniors participated in the Rainbowrun040 in Eindhoven The Netherlands. This run had 10 Colour points where all participants were coloured from head to toe with our Colour Powder. Our Dutch team have had a major influence in this event, by supplying over 2000 kilo of ColouredPowder with a large discount, and helping the organisers of the RainbowRun with executing the actual colour run in the best possible way. In order to raise even more money for the ALS foundation, our Dutch Team was also present with a market stall where they sold individual bags of powder, of which part of the revenue went to the ALS foundation.

It was a true colour fest the entire day. Even after running the 5 kilometers, all the participants were still up for a fantastic party. At the end of the day, over £ 80.000(!!) was raised for the ALS foundation. This money will be used for additional research to find a better cure for this horrible disease, the acronym of which stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It is one of the most severe and paralyzing nerve diseases, for which more money for research is an absolute must.

Please watch the video below to get an idea of what this amazing event was like! Enjoy!

Washable from Clothes?!

We get a lot of questions from customers if our Holi Coloured Powder is fully washable from clothes and hair. We can assure you that we are always working on making our colours as bright as possible, while not making it harder to wash out. We´re doing quite a good job. Our team has always been able to fully remove all stains by washing our clothes once or twice. However, there is no guarantee that clothes will come out of the laundry completely unstained. Especially with light colours and heavy  materials, a very slight haze of colour may remain, but this is not very likely. We do however, advice you not to wear your best and prettiest clothes to any holi coloured powder events!

The risk of permanent stains is the greatest when the clothes the powder attaches to is wet. This is because cornstarch is a natural binding agent like maizena. Should you want to test our Coloured Powder, feel free to contact us and we will send you a free sample!

Health and Safety

One of the main concerns our customers have with regards to using the Holi Colour Powder, is whether it is bad for their health. We get asked a lot of questions about this, and there is a fairly straightforward answer. Our powder is not harmful for your health or the environment. The ingredients we use in our Holi Colour Powder are strictly in line with international and European guidelines.

The basic ingredient of the powder is corn flour. All the colours that are added to this cornstarch to create the wonderful colours are all fully certified E-numbers (E102, E122, E124 and E133). For the smell of the holi powder, there is added essence of lavender, lavender oil, tea plants, sage, dill weed and rosemary oil. Also, there are no heavy metals present in our powder! The product is fully biodegradable!

Should you have any further questions regarding health and safety issues, feel free to contact us at any time! Buy your holi colour powder now at