For what activities could you use our crazy-cool Colours?

Colour Run: Participants run/cycle i.e. a certain parkour and will be coloured with a single holi powder colour on multilple stations/posts. We advise 50 grams of powder pro person on every stand. The easiest way to manage this is to have the 5 kg (11lb) bulk buckets which are available in the web shop. To equally and easily spread the powder on the participants you can use the refillable bottles, also available in the web shop.

ColourParcour: Instead of letting the participants run the parkour, you can also let them take a crazy-cool obstacle course.

Water: Besides the “regular” Colour party with music, you can also give everyone a waterpistol. In this way everybody will be wet before they start throwing the powder. This causes the powder to stick even better. The water can also be used as a way to spray the participants “clean” after the powder is spread. The powder blends really well with water. If you are really interested in mixing large quantities of water with powder, we can also deliver the colourant used to colour the powder separately (so without the corn starch). The colourant is not available in the webshop. For this product you can send an email to