Product details

The basis of the powder consists of corn starch. Nevertheless, we do advice you NOT to eat the product, due to the fact that the powder is not produced with the same hygienic care as food. Inhaling the powder is not worse than inhaling dust and thus not dangerous. If you get powder in your eyes this might lead to eye irritations. The powder is not toxic to humans, animals or the environment. The product is biodegradable and washes of easily with water.



All colours consist of corn starch and an aromatic substance. The colourants diffentiate per colour. Aromatic substances: Lavender, Lavender oil, thee plant, sage, dill, 2-undecanone, chamomile, rosemary, rosemary oil, acetic acid. Coulorants: E260, Red E124 / Green E102 E133 / Pink E122 / Yellow E102 / Orange E102 / Blue E133.