Users’ instructions

  • The bags can be opened by ripping off the upper part of the package at the incision/cartel. The bags are easily sealable by closing the Griplock.
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • The powder can cause irritation to the eyes. When you do accidentally get coloured powder in your eyes, wash out immediately with water.
  • Keep away from children younger than 3
  • Not irritating to the skin
  • The powder could leave colour traces in clothes, especially in light fabrics and colours.
  • Always use the product outdoor, or in very well ventilated rooms
  • Product can be mixed with water
  • Not harmful for the environment.
  • Do not put the Coloured Powder in your mouth

Cleaning and removing

The powder is easily removable with water. The product does not (adhere) to stone, concrete i.e. Most of the times the powder will be removed after one downpour, when a larger concentration of powder lays at one place, we recommend to use a hose. We also advise to first use a broom to clean the area before you hose it down. The powder might stuck between edges i.e. on uneven ground. This takes more care to fully clean.


Because the powder is of a corn starch base the product is bio degradable. This means that the powder won’t harm flora and fauna in any way. We do advise to thoroughly clean the area when the terrain is not your property or privately owned.