What could be better than a colourful day spent being out of doors together in healthy exercise? We have designed special School Colour Run packages, which have made it so easy to organize a School Colour Run! Just click on your package and you’ll have enough colour paint for your event. Easy:)

The Colour Run has been a very popular activity for many years, with numerous schools, sports clubs, scout groups, and village fetes already having hosted these exciting events.

For over 10 years, we have assisted with Colour Runs throughout Europe. Some of these events have seen over 100 participants, with numbers occasionally running as high as 25,000 individuals.

Our Colour Run colour powders are safe and easily washable. This is why most of the best-known colour runs use our products. Some events with which we have partnered for many years are: The Color Run/SZIGET/Colours by the Sea/Holi Fusion/Color me Rad, and many others.

We offer dozens of fun products to make your Colour Run an unforgettable day out. All colour run products are comprehensively listed on our website.

The following products make excellent and even essential additions to your Colour Run:

  • Bulk colour powder packs: to supply the colour run stations. We offer gorgeous and unique colours for each station.
  • Colour powder squeeze bottles: convenient and fun for colour stations, making it easy to squirt the colour power onto the colour run participants.
  • Colour Run shades: in addition to being a wonderful reminder, these also offer some level of eye-protection. And, of course, they look great when worn on event day.
  • Colour powder shooters/cannons: with a loud bang, these launch a gorgeous cloud of powder. Excellent for use as a start signal for your colour events.
  • Colour powder fire extinguishers (Powder Extinguishers/Colour Blasters): these create a gigantic cloud of powder. An excellent addition to the start or finish line of a Colour Run. The visual effect is stunning, and turns any colour run into an unforgettable event for both participants and organisers.

While we refer to these events as Colour Runs, running, of course, is optional. Walking works just fine, and we have even worked on events where participants rode bicycles. And it is always good to ensure people with disabilities can join in; tracks can be designed to, for example, allow for wheelchair use and access.

Colour Runs for Charity:

We often see Colour Runs being hosted for Charity, and rightly so! A colour run is a fun and effective means of raising funds for a good cause.

The positive and sporty nature encourage sponsors to ally themselves with a colour run – think of all the photos and videos that find their way to social media to tell others about a Colour Run. And local media are also often very interested to report on this type of event.

How To Host a Colour Run:

With our years of experience, we want to help you make your Colour Run a fantastic experience.

Colour Runs usually include 5 so-called colour stations; fixed points along the track that all participants pass. Stationed at these points are usually groups of volunteers who cover passing participants with colour powder – for example using plastic cups, or simply by hand. But we also offer squeeze bottles filled with colour powder specially for these colour stations.

The best option is to have the colour run participants start the run in smaller groups, allowing the volunteers at the colour stations to cover each participant in colour powder.

We also stock colour powder shooters for the starting line. These shoot out a beautiful cloud of powder with a loud bang. If you are looking for something truly special, then look no further than our very popular colour powder extinguishers (Colour Blasters).

The Colour Run Finish Line:

A finish line celebration is one of the best ways to conclude a Colour Run. We offer small bags of colour powder specifically for this purpose. Following a joint countdown – 1…2…3 – all participants throw their colours into the air for a spectacular effect. The colour powder bags can be handed out or sold individually.

Colour Run Safety and Cleaning:

Naturally, we often receive questions regarding safety and cleaning.

Please find our comprehensive input on these issues on this page. We want to assure you that our colour run powders are EU certified, and that the colouring agents are all E-number food additives. In addition, our colour powders are fireproof.

Please contact us with any information or question. We can be reached by phone or by email, and look forward to assisting you in hosting your Colour Run with our certified and safe Colour Run powers and products.

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