Holi Color Colour Powder and Clean-Up

How to Clean the Participants Following a Colour Festival or Colour Run. This is something we are often asked about by schools or charities looking to host a colour run.

Our colour powder is made using corn flour. The colouring agents we use to colour the colour powder are E-number food additives; the same kind as those used in the European food industry.

These additives are easily rinsed out of fabric – but they are still colouring agents. Therefore, we recommend that visitors do not wear their best outfit to a colour run or Holi festival.

Our colour powders are also easily rinsed out of hair – but the same thing applies. Colouring agents can always leave behind a minor sheen. Blonde hair is a little more susceptible, and previously dyed or bleached hair also absorb colour more easily.

Rain and other sources of water spraying the colour run participants increases the changes that the colours will fixate.

A bandana of some hair oil offers adequate protection.

Colour powder easily rinses off from one’s skin. With just some soap and water, the colours usually disappear following the first wash. But it is not impossible that some colour powder may remain inside wrinkled skin or, for example, under one’s nails.

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Choosing the Best Location for a Colour Run or Holi Festival

With respect to cleaning the terrain where a Holi festival or colour run has taken place, most of these colour festivals or colours runs are held on school grounds or, for example, on sports fields. But we have also supplied numerous colour runs and Holi festivals that were held on beaches, in parks, or in urban centres.

A broom is usually enough to remove most of the colours from tiles or tarmac under dry conditions. After rinsing with water, the colours will have disappeared completely. If there is no rush in terms of clean-up, then the wind and rain will most likely remove the remains of colour events in the following days.

The local fire department can sometimes be persuaded to spray-clean a location.

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Holi Color Colour Powder Safety and Ingredients

Our colours are EU certified. The main component of our Holi Colors is corn flour. The colours we use are of the highest quality. Many cheaper colour powders contain, for example, heavy metals. The colouring agents we use in our colour powders are E-number food additives also used in the food industry in the EU/USA.

In addition, we add certain minerals to ensure our Holi Colors are non-flammable and non-combustible.

Our documentation is available on request. We have had our products tested by various laboratories in various countries. Since these reports are of a technical nature, we would be happy to provide clarification. Our permits can also be shared with other municipalities or authorities in case a permit is required.

We wish you all the best with your colour event!

From Colour Run to Holi Festival to Charity Colour event; we are happy to assist using our certified and safe colour powders.

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