Festival and colour powder accessories

For any colour party or Holi festival, colour is key. The visitors, the colours, and the general look of the colour party create an unforgettable day. Naturally, the basis is a portion of colour powder for each visitor, for example in the shape of small bags of colour powder for each visitor. But you can also have visitors grab their own colours from bulk bags. 
As the host, you can decorate the location in balloon and streamers. If you want to give another extra splash of colour to your visitors, then we offer special coloured sunglasses. These shades come in 5 different colours and have terrific mirror lenses. Some colour parties hand out these glasses among their visitors, and some include them with the entrance ticket. But the colour run sunglasses can also be sold on-site. Another fun items for a colour festival or Holi celebration is our colour powder pump. The colour powder pump is filled with beautifully coloured powder. With each thrust, it pumps out lovely small clouds of colour. And once the Holi pump is empty, it is easy to refill. An excellent idea is to distribute some of these colour powder pumps among the guests. Have fun preparing your Holi celebration or colour festival, and please feel free to contact us for questions or advice.