Gender reveal party

Planning on organizing a Gender Reveal Party and looking for a great way to reveal the gender of your child to all your family and friends? Look no further! We offer some unique Gender Reveal products, which helps you to reveal the gender in the most fantastic way!

We supply Gender Reveal Parties in the UK for the past 3 years now. We have helped hundreds of young couples to make their Party to that special moment they were looking for. 

Our promises:

– UK delivery in 3-4 days

– All our products come perfectly ready to use

– Fun and success guaranteed!

Gender reveal parties have become very popular and are great fun to host and attend. There are dozens of ways of celebrating a gender reveal party with family or friends. We have focused on various gender reveal party variants for many years using our colour powder. We carry a broad range of gender reveal products in numerous different package types. And, naturally, there is gorgeous Pink for a girl and handsome Blue for a boy.

What Is a Gender Reveal Party?

As the name implies, a gender reveal party is a celebration where expecting parents make their baby’s gender public to invited family and friends. The gender is revealed during the party using, for example, Pink or Blue colour powder products.

With our gender reveal colour powder products can help to make your gender reveal party an unforgettable experience.

Products and Ideas for Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties can be designed in many different ways, but usually feature cake and balloons in Pink and/or Blue.

We mainly focus on the colour powder products for gender reveal parties. We carry 100-gram bags of colour power. These Pink or Blue colour powder bags can be used in your gender reveal party in many different ways. For example, the powder can be loaded into balloons. But we have also seen people put some into their car or motorcycle exhaust. The possibilities for using blue and pink colour powder in arts and crafts products are endless.

We also offer larger, 5 KG or 25 KG Pink or Blue colour powder bags.

The Pink and Blue colour powders are easily washable, and are fully safe and certified.

We can also provide the additional popular gender reveal products listed below. Naturally, the outside of the packaging does not show which colour of powder is inside, for example, a colour powder shooter – since it should be a surprise for everyone.

Colour Powder Gender Reveal Spray

Our Gender Reveal Spray is a highly popular product.

The Spray contains 300 grams of colour powder. The Gender Reveal Spray Sprays a wonderful cloud of colour powder into the air. The expecting parents can each discharge their own Gender Reveal Spray. 

We offer blue colour powder Mini Spray and pink colour powder Mini Spray. Now available: our Mini Spray Set!

Colour Powder Shooter / hand canon

Our colour powder shooters are great fun as well! They come in a nice set of 2 or 5 pcs.

Both contain 150 grams of colour powder. The colour powder hand shooter sprays a wonderful cloud of colour powder into the air with a loud bang. The expecting parents can each discharge their own colour powder shooter. And, of course, it is great fun to give the attending guests their own colour powder shooters or gender reveal confetti poppers. The colour powder shooters and gender reveal confetti poppers are guaranteed to create an amazing gender reveal party with wonderful pictures and videos.

Naturally, our colour powder gender reveal shooters do not show which colour of powder is inside. Please ask about the possibilities of our gender reveal shooters. Order your gender reveal shooter today for next-day delivery.

Gender Reveal Colour Powder Fire Extinguisher

If you are looking for something truly special, look no further than our Gender Reveal Fire Extinguisher – also known as our Gender Reveal Colour Blaster.

This 4-kilogram fire extinguisher is filled with baby Blue or baby Pink colour powder.

As soon as the handle is pulled, a gigantic cloud of gender reveal powder is shot into the air. The gender reveal colour blaster sprays colour powder for 12 to 15 seconds. In terms of gender reveal, our gender reveal colour blaster is the best thing on the market. We are proud to have developed and designed the gender reveal powder extinguisher.

The gender reveal colour powder fire extinguisher is ready for use out of the box.

Naturally, the colour of the colour powder inside is not shown on the packaging or on the gender reveal colour powder blaster itself.

Have fun with your Gender Reveal party.

Let us make your day extra special with our colour powder products. We really hope to see your gender reveal party pictures and videos soon.

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