Hosting A Holi Festival or Colour Party:

For over 10 years, we have been a supplier to colour parties and Holi festivals the world over – from kids’ parties with some 20 children to major festivals with up to 50,000 guests.

The Holi Colour Powder Festival originates in India, and is closely connected to Hinduism and the Holi festival as the beginning of spring.

Hosting a Colour Festival with Holi Color Colour Powder:

We offer a wide range of products that will help you host your own colour festival or Holi festival.

The most popular, highly suitable product is our range of colour powder bags. These bags are easy to hand out or sold individually at a Holi festival or colour festival.

The ideal number of bags of colour powder mostly depends on the duration of the event. And, of course, the budget for the Holi festival can play a role.

One very effective use of colour powder us performing a countdown. The DJ, or someone in the organising committee, counts down to have all guests throw their colour powder into the air at the same time. The effect is magical. We have pictures available of this type of countdown with crowds of up to 10,000 people. Please contact us for our portfolio.

The use of the colour powder bags can also be left to the guests themselves, who can then freely throw their colour powder into the air or over each other as they wish.

Balloons or streamers can help to enhance a location even further. We offer the following products to make a Holi festival into an unforgettable day: colour powder shooters/colour powder-filled fire extinguishers/gold and silver colour powder/UV Neon colours, and handsome coloured sunglasses.

The colour powder shooters can be used to signal the start of the colour festival or Holi festival. The colour powder shooters shoot a gorgeous spray of colours into the air with a loud bang. If you are looking for something truly special, then look no further than our colour powder-filled fire extinguishers, which create a beautiful cloud of powder, sure to thrill your party-goers.

To offers the eyes some protection from the colour powder, we also offer coloured sunglasses – but we have made them looking extra special to make sure every visitor to your Holi festival or colour festival looks as festive and colourful as possible.

Nearly all colour festivals and Holi festivals we have worked on have become annual events. The pictures and videos are always shared large-scale on social media – automatically boosting the promotion for your next Holi festival.

For major festivals, we offer custom printed packaging – with the name of your Holi festival, your sponsors, social media channels, or simply a festive slogan printed on each bag. This service is available for orders over 20,000 bags.

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